building Startups and augmenting Enterprises' teams.

a software development company specialized in



We have participated in more than 50 Startups

building MVPs in 90 days and supporting our clients

from ideation to production support


Scalable, Elastic and Robust solutions

implemented with proven technologies

such as Java, Scala, .Net and AWS


What we do

White Prompt is a unique hub of IT experts that love realizing new exciting products. We carefully select languages and tools that help us generate clean, scalable and maintainable code. Technologies evolve every day and we evolve with them, keeping our eyes open to new technologies and our minds to new ideas. Depending on the project we would recommend agile technologies such as Python, Node and React or more enterprise oriented such as Scala, Java and .Net.



White Prompt specializes in developing new products for Startups from the ground up. We have wide experience generating wireframes, adding the needed Graphic Design and UX, implementing backend APIs, Single Page Application front ends, setting up the hosting infrastructure and monitoring production.



We have vast experience implementing distributed systems with strong non functional requirements such as  high availability, elastic infrastructure, Polyglot Microservices, Service Oriented Architecture, Message Broker interconnectivity and Multi-site deployment.



We have a great team of Cloud Engineers, DevOps and SysAdmins specialized in Amazon AWS Services. This is clearly the largest and most evolved provider that exists today, with a huge list of services ranging from bare servers to complex orchestration. We’ve been building complete environments with AWS for years now, and we can proudly say our knowledge and experience with this vendor is really extensive.



White Prompt has two development centers in Latin America. One in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a second one in Porto Alegre, Brazil. White Prompt employees work from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, the time overlap your project very much needs. Frequent flights for face-to-face workshops and constant video chatting makes the distance fade away. All White Prompt employees have 7+ years of experience developing code and are perfectly fluent in English.



It is proven that Investing in quality pays off by itself in no time. The average bug steals 2.5 hours of your team in average. Sounds like too much? Think about the time invested in understanding the bug report, reproducing it, installing the right version of code where to fix it, finding the bug, fixing it , testing and redeploying. It is brutal. When you implement an automated regression test suite you are saving yourself from all that burden, while improving your coding productivity and your customer experience.


Micro Services As A Service

Users, Privileges, Profiles, Single Sign On, Credit Card Gateways, Resource Allocations; all sort of functionalities that get implemented over and over again in projects. The alternative is to include a set of third party libraries that you need to adapt and maintain or registering into multiple SAAS that are overkill for what you need. White Prompt has developed MSAAS (Micro-Services As A Service). A set of Micro Services you can opt-in for your project. Our micro services are small, light and easy to use. You can connect your own micro services with ours via Rest or leveraging our message broker.

What our Customers are saying

Whiteprompt has been an integral partner from inception through growth.  In a business of bits and bytes, it is their people that stand apart. Highly skilled, clear communicators, humble and driven team players. They always put people ahead of transactions and go above and beyond to be true allies in company and product building

Alexis Kopikis
Alexis KopikisUbuntu - Partner & Founder

I have worked with developers and teams all over the world, and have been impressed with WhitePrompt’s level of talent in modern technologies like Scala and React.  The management is easy to work with as well.

Boris Portman
Boris PortmanSalsaMobi -Founder & CEO

White Prompt was a valued part of CabinetM’s startup team, and a trusted partner of the company.  Working together with our in-house VP of Engineering, they helped us develop a world class platform focused on helping marketers manage their marketing technology.

Sheryl Schultz
Sheryl SchultzCabinetM - Founder & COO

WhitePrompt has been an indispensable technical partner for us. We’ve benefited heavily from the deep technical expertise, flexibility, and responsiveness of WhitePrompt’s React.js practice. I recommend working with Nacho Cidre and WhitePrompt without hesitation

Nick Allen
Nick AllenAnalytics Fire - CEO

Nacho and his team were highly knowledgeable and productive in developing They are experts in agile development and employ best practices. Top of the line crew for a fraction of the cost. I am glad to have found them and will keep using them for future projects. Onwards WhitePrompt!

Assif Versano
Assif VersanoSoyouapp - CEO

Using Whiteprompt has been a great experience. Having team members in our timezone is extremely helpful for collaboration and the quality of work has been excellent!

Greg Jones
Greg JonesMachineShop - CTO

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