White Prompt specializes in developing new products for Startups from the ground up. We have broad experience generating wireframes, adding the needed Graphic Design and UX, implementing backend APIs, Single Page Application front ends, setting up the hosting infrastructure and monitoring production.

We'll help you plan ahead

Our expertise to engage projects is triggered by a deep understanding of your business, detecting the scope of your app resulting in more accurate product delivery. We will take charge of building a team to match your vision, with our focus being successful delivery, in adherence to best practices such as leveraging third party tools. Once the product is in production, we have capable resources to support its health.

Your product will exist in a competitive market therefore, we make our best effort to keep it flexible and cost effective to ensure speed to market using multi-platform characteristics. It is part of our business model to be fully ntegrated with your finance department and tracking systems to ensure the ease of control and detailed oversight of your engagement. Your invitation to join the project will ignite the sharing of our expertise with growing businesses.

Tailor made, highly-flexible, cost efficient teams ready to start working with you.



With more than 70 Startups in production we can help you define your next great product.

User experience

We enhance user satisfaction by improving the usability and pleasure of interacting with the product.

Project management

White Prompt has Technical Project Managers that can help support project organization.


We have a great team of Cloud Engineers, DevOps and SysAdmins specialized in Amazon AWS Services, can engage in 24/7 monitoring.

for startups

Your options

Staff augmentation

We become part of your team. We work with you, in your same time zone, with continuous availability by video chat. We participate in your dailies and maintain constant communication all throughout the day. We adopt your processes and tools effectively becoming part of one bigger team.

Fixed price

If you have a well-defined project that you would like to delegate, we are happy to estimate turn-around time and provide a fix-bid quote. We will analyze your requirements, design a solution, recommend languages and frameworks, estimate, quote and execute. Throughout the project we will provide weekly Demos to track progress and collect your feedback.

Time and Materials

Our early meetings will detect the skills required for each project, resulting in a tailored toolbox for each team member. With this work done, candidates will be shared for your vetting. Allowing our staffing team to assign full resource allocation to your project with direct report to your designated point of contact; who will lead the pace of development and workload.