A digital wealth management platform

The challenge

YieldStreet is in a high growth phase, scaling the platform to an increasingly large and diverse investor base. They needed a robust, effective and dedicated engineering team with high availability and no rotation, at competitive rates.

The solution

WhitePrompt provided a team composed of senior developers and a QA team that frequently traveled to YieldStreet offices to have meetings and be able to provide side-by-side solutions.

Technical approach

YieldStreet solution is based on Lightbend’s Reactive Platform, meeting the current and future scalability demands of a fast-growing company. The core business technology is developed in Java on top of the Play! and Lagom frameworks; the investor interface is built on React.

A big part of our team is located at our Brazil site, and the developers travel frequently to visit the YieldStreet offices in New York.

Client relationship

Our relationship with the client the best it can be. They’re very pleased with our services and are looking into expanding the team. We’re an essential part of the project, completely integrated with them. After all, they trust us to develop their core business product.


YieldStreet’s distributed microservices platform is built in Java, using the Lagom, Play! and Akka frameworks for state-of-the-art concurrency and performance. The platform data is managed in various storages, including MySQL, Redis and DynamoDB. The frontend offered to investors is built using React and Redux, packaged though Webpack.