Pilar is an interactive platform that allows thousands of workers to expand their network and skills. With only one mobile application you can apply to the best labor opportunities in the market, keep yourself updated with articles regarding your specialties, obtain training with courses of your choice and receive notifications every time you get paid. At the moment you are applying to a job, the chatting channel is enabled for asking questions to a recruiter.

The challenge

Pilar needed a software partner that can turn a brilliant business idea into a working product in no time.

The solution

A group of developers joined Pilar's engineering team and began the brainstorming sessions. The outcome was a mobile application built with React Native, with security components of Firebase, JWT and LinkedIn, Node database, Kibaba, Jenkins, AWS, and GraphQL.

Result: As a final result, thousands of users are enjoying a diverse portfolio of services.


The achieved goal allowed lot’s enthusiastic users to rely on their friendly mobile platform felling secure every time they needed to change jobs, training themselves, accessing updated information and belonging to a large network in Latin America.