A project managing tool for large teams.

The challenge

The challenge for our client was finding a technical partner for turning a business idea into a working product. End to end. From ideation to production. He needed advice on product definition, architecture, design, process and cloud infrastructure.

The solution

We designed the product from the core business idea, creating a production environment set up and putting into production. Our team of senior developers, composed of backend and frontend professionals, used cutting-edge tecnologies focusing on the UX matters already proposed and pixel-orientated.

As a final result, we've got a flexible and user friendly platform tool, that made our client very satisfied. He asked us to continue working on future new functionalities.

Creating a user experience

The initial phase of the project, started with our UX Designer working side by side with the stakeholder, learning about the potential users of the platform, their needs and goals. There was a research phase and then Wireframes were created while we communicated with the team members to share and brainstorm new ideas. The next phase once we make sure the user flow and Wireframes responded to our users needs, we moved into the mockups stage, where our UI Designer created a fresh and modern identity for Aleign and brought the interface to life. Once mockups were finalized we started with the development phase.

Client relationship

From the beginning of the project all our team members communicated with the client very frequently via Skype and email. Even though our client is located in Australia, we had very fluid contact with him, and this helped a lot to do things efficiently. Our client felt very comfortable with our UX/UI and developement process and very satisfied with the product we delivered. He didn’t doubt to ask us to help him build the next round, and a mobile version.

Technical approach

We used React to render all the components. We wrapped fonts, icons, images and other componets with Webpack. We made a Drag and Drop feature to drag cards within the tasks boards, the libary we used to do that was ReactDnD. All the styles were done with Sass. We used NodeJS for the backend and MongoDB for the database. As the tool can be used for different users at the same time we implemented real time changes using Websockets.