Event Driven Architectures

If every bee does its job, the result is a healthy hive. This is our approach to Event-Driven architectures.
A set of independent beings, all interconnected in a fast and reliable way, doing their job for the greater good.

What is an Event Driven Architecture?

An event-driven architecture relies on events that trigger the communication between decoupled services. This is a common approach for modern applications and microservices architectures.

An event is a change or an update in the state of a service.
For example, an item being placed in a shopping cart on an e-commerce website. Events can either carry the state or they can be identifiers.

Event-driven architectures have three major components: Event Producers, Event Routers and Event Consumers.

A Producer publishes an event to the Router, which filters and pushes the events to Consumers. Producer Services and Consumer Services are decoupled, which allows them to be scaled, updated, and deployed independently.

Decoupled systems that run in response to events


Technical Analysis

Based on a thoughtful analytic process of your requirements we design the perfect event-driven architecture to satisfy the needs of your business, choosing the correct event pattern, and the right technology to make it happen.


Based on our technical analysis process we go from theory to practice having our Architecture Team to lead the developers providing guidance and expertise throughout the complete the software development life cycle.