We provide blockchain consultation for enterprise application development to help you succeed in your business processes.

Distributed Ledger Solutions

Storing transactional public records across a number of databases requires a connected peer-to-peer network. That’s blockchain, and it’s solving extremely complex challenges across the globe from vaccine distribution to supply chain transparency.

As in any of our strategic projects, we work with you—side-by-side—to design and develop a digital ledger that works for your needs.

Solving the challenges of using Blockchain in Enterprise


Smart Contracts Development

Development of Smart Contract to execute automated business process in Ethereum Virtual Machine distributed environment.
Using ERC20 allows the creation of financial assets like company shares, or modelling scenarios like reward points systems.
By leveraging ERC721 and NFTs it's possible to track real-world or negative value assets such as loans.

Baseline Protocol

The Baseline Protocol combines cryptographic techniques such as zero-knowledge circuits, messaging, and blockchain to deliver secure and private business processes at low cost via the public Ethereum Mainnet, enabling confidential and complex collaboration between enterprises without leaving any sensitive data on-chain.